Florian Fuchs - Deputy Chairman

Florian Fuchs

Function at HeartBeat.bio: Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Florian Fuchs is an expert on advanced cellular models and early drug discovery.

Trained as a chemist, he quickly got interested into biological models and assay evaluations. Having received his PhD from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University at Munich and educating himself on Genome-wide siRNA pertubations and implementation of High Content Screening at the German Cancer Research Center at Heidelberg, he joined the Novartis Biomedical Research Institutes at Novartis Basel in 2010, where he started as a lab head in cell based assays and was holding group leader position on cell based screening and advanced cellular models. In 2021 he moved to Berlin currently working as a lab head within the Lead Discovery Screening Department of the Nuvisan Innovation Campus Berlin.

“My deep understanding of pharma-based screening and emerging technologies, organ on a chip applications and interest on tiny self-organizing three-dimensional structures called organoids, focus my interest on HeartBeat.bio. The application and feasibility of for drug discovery is just about emerging and hope to be able to contribute to the mitigation of challenges to translate this technology into real-life pre-clinical applications.“