Hartmut Rütten – Chairman

Hartmut Rütten

Function at HeartBeat.bio: Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Hartmut is a MD-PhD by training and has 25 years of experience in Cardiovascular/ Metabolism Research and Development in the pharmaceutical industry. As former Head of the Cardiovascular Research Department at Sanofi in Frankfurt, he has moved several new chemical entities into clinical development. At present, he is the Head of Pipeline Clinical Development in Cardiometabolism at Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. In addition, Hartmut has a professorship at the university of Frankfurt, Germany.

„The Cardioid technology resembles many features of the human heart, particularly the left ventricle in an unprecedented way. This unique platform has tremendous potential for pharma companies to screen for new molecular entities to treat cardiac diseases on a large scale.“